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Dear Friends and Colleagues:

We are living through exciting times, particularly with the advances we’re seeing with technology.  And I’ve never been more excited about the promise that advertising and marketing has to create positive impact around the world.

That said, our industry still faces significant challenges—driving growth and business performance; an unmanageably complex digital media supply chain; an overworked and under-trained talent pool; inadequate measurement & metrics; the need to better self-regulate our approach to consumer privacy; systemic issues such as fraud, ad blocking, viewability, and transparency–that no one marketer or company can solve on their own.

How do we tackle these issues? At the ANA, we believe the answer is simple:

It’s Time For Marketers To Lead

Think about it:

  • You own the brands
  • You have the financial resources that fuels the industry; and
  • You command the marketing decision making process

But too many are not engaged or leading the industry’s agenda.

Marketers must take their industry back.


We must bring the Chief Marketing Officers – the CMO community – together to aggressively lead an aligned agenda. Therefore, I am pleased to welcome you, on behalf of the Board of Directors, to the ANA Masters Circle.  The purpose of the ANA Masters Circle is to unify individual CMO agendas and create a powerful leadership force to transform and lead the industry. Our CMO Leadership Agenda is a powerful declaration of our position.  CMOs can no longer let others do the heavy lifting. If CMOs want something, they have to lead the way.  The ANA Masters Circle will be directly connected to ANA’s Board of Directors. Together they will provide the necessary leadership and resources to point the industry in the right direction. That’s the leadership pathway for CMOs to take their industry back.

Here are a portion of my remarks at our 2016 ANA Masters of Marketing Conference where I unveiled the ANA Masters Circle to the industry:

Links to many of the resources mentioned in the video can be found here.

The challenges and opportunities to elevate business growth are within our grasp.

Let’s not look to others to lead. Let’s lead the way and get the job done — the way we need to get the job done.

As an industry, we must get out of our own way and overcome the barriers that hamper our growth potential. We are on the right track – but we need CMOs to turn up the leadership dial. We cannot leave this to others to do. We must get involved and take the action we need – to build our brands and drive our business results. When CMOs do that, everybody will win.

Ours is a precious industry. We’re an economic engine for the global community.  We build brands. We grow businesses. We create jobs. We influence lives. We build careers. And we have an impact on society. We’re all of that and more.

As an industry, our responsibility is to advance, protect and defend the rights of all marketers while we build brands and businesses. Let’s be proud of what we do. Let’s enjoy what we create and celebrate our victories.

Moving forward, we will make sure that you have every opportunity to be involved with the ANA Masters Circle. Be assured that content contained in any updates you receive from us have been selected specifically for CMOs, providing you with the latest learnings and implications for you as the leader of your marketing function. Importantly, all subject matter experts or academic partners are selected based on their world-class, industry leading expertise related to the topics and issues that you have collectively identified as most essential. There are no “sponsorships” or monetary arrangements requisite for their participation, just as there is no cost for your involvement.

More information, including a calendar of local events and research updates, can be found here on this site, by following us on Twitter (@ANAMastersCMO), joining our LinkedIn page or by contacting Senior Vice President Nick Primola at nprimola@ana.net.


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Bob Liodice

Chief Executive Officer

Association of National Advertisers, Inc.