About Us

The ANA Masters Circle is a closed peer-level community for the most-senior marketer (CMO or equivalent) in each of ANA’s member companies and other client-side organizations eligible for ANA membership. This community leverages its unrivaled pool of knowledge and clout to accelerate leadership for participants and to make a meaningful difference for the industry.

The ANA Master’s Circle will take on and advance the areas CMOs have identified as most imperative. Together we will:

  • Build a growth-focused marketing organization. We will ensure the leaders of the marketing function are best prepared to drive growth – including world-class, customer-centric organizational models, best practices to develop talent, and modern strategies to maximize marketing performance.
  • Lead the dynamic evolution of the media supply chain. We will create a unified position and strategy to address foundational issues for the industry, such as eliminating fraud from the digital media supply chain, ensuring a trustworthy and transparent client-agency relationship, turning the measurement mandate into a reality, and solving the ad blocking paradox.
  • Enhance CMO Leadership. We will apply modern frameworks and leadership strategies for CMOs to lead organizations through the convergence of marketing, technology, and sales.
  • Generate economic brand value and advance purpose. We will reestablish brand health as essential to bottom-line business growth and delivery of company purpose across the total consumer experience.

Learn more about our CMO Leadership Agenda here.

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