Our Four Platforms


As our CEO Bob Liodice mentioned, the ANA Masters Circle has four core platforms which, taken together, will help us empower the CMO community to lead the industry.  These platforms are:

1) Create a strong, transparent, and highly productive media business system

What this means is that the ANA Masters Circle must lead and advocate to create a media supply chain that is:

  • Free from fraud
  • Is highly viewable
  • Free from ad blocking
  • Is Measurable and accredited
  • Has data and analytics at its core

The ANA Masters Circle must become immersed to engage and to lead industry organizations:

2) Act as responsible, purposeful marketers

How we conduct business is as important as the business we conduct. That is why the Masters Circle will be passionate in their leadership to advance responsible marketing. Particular areas of focus include:

  • Gender equality. The Masters Circle supports ANA’s Alliance for Family Entertainment and its #SeeHer campaign. We’ll be talking more about this at our CMO Roundtable tomorrow
  • Multicultural Marketing and Diversity is another area of focus. Several Masters Circle partners have already signed on to lead the newly formed Alliance for Inclusive & Multicultural Marketing — organized by industry veteran Gilbert Davila.
  • Social responsibility is of premium interest to our industry. The Advertising Council is our shining example and represents the social conscience of America. One of their best efforts was the campaign – “Love has no Labels”.
  • Finally, the well-being of children is paramount. The Partnership for Drug Free Kids is designed to help families battle the horrors of addiction of our nations’ youth. I am sure many of you will recognize this highly acclaimed effort. That was based on the original “fried egg” campaign from decades ago.

3) Enable CMOs to superbly advocate on behalf of all constituents of the media and marketing supply chains

As an industry, the Masters Circle supports and leads all efforts to advance, protect and defend our industry. Specifically, we call upon the Masters Circle to provide leadership to the Digital Advertising Alliance for privacy, the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council for responsible Children’s Advertising and to support the many organizations that push back hard against the regulatory minded FCC and FTC.

4) Develop high caliber, digitally savvy, diverse talent

Without quality talent, this industry’s future is questionable. The Master Circle supports the work of ANA’s Educational Foundation and other like-minded organizations to insure that:

  • College students strongly consider a career in advertising and marketing
  • CMOs aggressively upgrade the training and development of their own staffs. We all need to become better far professionals – particularly in all things digital


We welcome you to the ANA Masters Circle community and look forward to the difference it will make for you and for the industry.